Weekend Reading 01/15/2021

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Business Insider has a story about Democratic lawmakers urging the Defense Department to investigate white nationalist activity in the US military. Christianity Today has a podcast discussing how dangerous Christian nationalism is as a political ideology. The Washington Post has an interview with the former RNC Chair warning that the GOP may not be a governing majority again because of Trumpism. Mother Jones has a story about white nationalists using the social media app Telegram as Parler, an app favored by the political right, collapses. 

PRI published a piece covering China’s vaccine diplomacy as a response to US vaccine nationalism.  

The Times of Israel has a blog post discussing various definitions of nationalism

Modern Diplomacy has an article on “uncontrolled” nationalism in pre-WWII Japan.

Reuters has a story about how Scottish nationalists are on course to win a record majority in elections for Scotland’s parliament which could start a new push for independence. In The Scotsman on recent comments made by former British PM Theresa May warning that Brexit must not lead to ‘nationalism and isolationism’. The Irish Post has an opinion piece arguing that after Brexit, Britain is clinging to an ‘outdated’ nationalism.

The Washington Post (paysite) has an article about how Sadyr Zhaparov, a nationalist who was recently released from prison, was elected president of Kyrgyzstan. WSJ also has a report on the Kyrgyzstan election. 

The International News has a story covering Pakistan’s calls for outlawing violent nationalist groups at the UN. 

The Kathmandu Post has an op-ed about Prime Minister KP Oli’s nationalists rhetoric, Nepal’s dependence on foreign actors, and the future of the country.




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