Weekend Reading 01/08/2021

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Business Insider has a story about the rioter pictured at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk during the recent riot at the US capitol identified himself as a white nationalist prepared for a violent death. Baptist Standard has an op-ed arguing that Christian nationalism was clearly evident in the Capitol riot. AP has a piece on the self-described American nationalist suspected of leaving a fake explosive device in a car at a NYC mall.

The Economist has an op-ed article covering Scottish nationalism and the politics of patience. 

World Economic Forum published an article covering the impacts of  vaccine nationalism. on the world. The Times has an op-ed positing that self-serving vaccine nationalism is preventing global inoculation. Gulf News has an opinion piece discussing vaccine nationalism and the need for transparency with the vaccine rollout in India. Washington Post (paysite) also has an opinion article looking at the global threat posed by Indian vaccine nationalism. 

The Heritage Foundation published an opinion piece making the argument that Mexico’s nationalism threatens North American security.

The Hindu published a piece on recent comments made by the Indian Congress describing the seventh round of talks between the Center and the farmers' union as a “true test of nationalism”. Times of India has a similar article covering recent comments made by the former deputy chief minister who linked nationalism with support for farmers




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