Weekend Reading 12/04/2020

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NYT has an article about UK and US officials sparing over vaccine nationalism. LA Times has a story on vaccine nationalism in Britain. The Atlantic also has an article looking at British vaccine nationalism. Global Citizen has a piece examining the costs of vaccine nationalism on wealthy countries. Bloomberg also has a story on vaccine nationalism and the fight against COVID. Chicago Tribune has an op-ed piece arguing that the incoming Biden administration should end Trump’s vaccine nationalism. Project Syndicate has a podcast that focuses on how vaccine nationalism may actually prolong the pandemic

RNS has an article about Democrats' recommendations for Biden on how to deal with Christian nationalism. 

The Guardian has an op-ed article covering how China’s wolf warrior diplomacy is now active on Twitter. The Hindu (paysite) also has an op-ed about China’s wolf warriors. ABC News has an article about China accusing Australia of attempting to "stoke domestic nationalism" by demanding an apology for a tweet depicting an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child.

The Telegraph (paysite) has an op-ed about how the COVID-19 crisis offers some insight into Scottish nationalism. 

NYT Magazine published an article about an Indian filmmaker’s warnings against Hindu nationalism. The New Indian Express has a story about recent comments made by Congress MP and former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor warning against reducing India to a Hindutva version of Pakistan. 




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