Weekend Reading 11/27/2020

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H-Nationalism’s Weekend Reading series highlights recent and thought-provoking reviews, blog posts, brief articles, and op-eds.  Have something to say about something you read?  Feel free to respond here or contact David Prior (prior@mail.h-net.msu.edu) and Justin Collier (collierjustin@gmail.com) about writing a blogpost. Follow us on Twitter @HNationalism.


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The Hindu has an op-ed discussing the importance of reining in vaccine nationalism. Independent has an op-ed arguing that even if vaccine nationalism has already started, the most vulnerable parts of the world should be protected from Covid. 

The Korea Times published an essay about the dangers of nuclear nationalism in North Korea. 

WSJ (paysite) has an op-ed about Hindu nationalists’ cracking down on interfaith marriages. NYT has a story on how Netflix has been pulled into religious tensions after the airing of a show showing an interfaith relationship between a Hindu and a Muslim.

Reuters has a piece on Turkish President Erdogan slaming a jailed Kurdish leader and vowed reforms with far-right nationalist political ally. 

The Economist has an article on Sweden nationalists’ long-term strategy to gain political power.

Aljazeera has an op-ed about how Ethiopia-first nationalism is leading the country into civil war.

EU Observer has an op-ed column arguing that US economic nationalism will persist even though Trump is leaving office. 

The Washington Post (paysite) has an article examining how Trump’s electoral defeat will impact far-right populism in Europe. 




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