Weekend Reading 11/20/2020

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Business Insider published an article about a White House speechwriter who was fired for meeting with white nationalists has been rehired to join an agency that oversees US Holocaust memorials. HuffPost has a piece covering Trump appointing two white nationalists to positions in his government since losing the election. Asia Times has an op-ed asserting that President Elect Biden must ditch Trump’s nationalism. NYT has an opinion article arguing that Christian nationalism is here to stay despite Trump’s loss.  

WSJ (paysite) has an op-ed discussing the durability of tribalism and ethnic conflict.  

FP (paysite) published a story about Xi Jinping doubling down on Korean War propaganda. 

Washington Monthly has an op-ed looking at why Christian nationalists merge their religious and political identities.

Yahoo News has a story on recent comments made by the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen urging the world to avoid “vaccine nationalism”.

The Guardian has an opinion piece arguing that British PM Boris Johnson's devolution comments are a gift to Scottish nationalists. 

Bloomberg has an article about Bosnian nationalist losing control of the country’s two biggest cities in local Bosnia-Herzegovina elections.

Jacobin has an op-ed article about the rise of  Hindu nationalism and arguing that it is due to the failures of the Indian left.




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