Weekend Reading 11/13/2020

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Newsweek (paysite) has an article about the Chinese Communist Party mocking Trump’s 'roaring nationalism' election failure. DW has a story focusing on what Trump’s election defeat means to nationalists in Europe. WSJ (paysite) has an opinion article about the challenges faced by President-elect Biden posed by the ‘nationalist moment’ in the US.  South China Morning Post has an op-ed covering what the Biden-Harris victory means for India and Hindu nationalism. 

UN News has an article covering recent comments made by the WHO Director-General arguing that the world needs to fight against ‘misguided nationalism’. Business Live published an op-ed on how the UN needs to prepare to battle against vaccine nationalism.  France 24 has an interview with Melinda Gates where she warned against "vaccine nationalism" in the world’s fight against COVID. New York Post has a story on one of President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force members recently co-authoring a paper advocating against “vaccine nationalism”.

Al Jazeera has a piece covering Europe’s largest right-wing nationalist annual rally in Warsaw on schedule despite coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Bloomberg has a story about how the march led to violence between the nationalists and the police. 




Justin Collier