Weekend Reading 10/30/2020

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DW has an article about German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s comments warning against vaccine nationalism. In the Hindustan Times there is an article covering a recent warning coming from the WHO about the dangers of vaccine nationalism. Politico has an article looking at the challenge nationalism poses to the search for a COVID vaccine. Medical Xpress has a story looking at the potential world-wide economic cost of vaccine nationalism.

Washington Post (paysite) has an article looking at the rise of Christian nationalism in the Trump era. Psychology Today takes a look at white nationalism and the existential motivation behind Islamophobia. 

Quartz published a piece looking at “techno nationalism” and the future of the internet. 

Asia Times published a story focusing on febrile nationalism in the post-COVID China. 

Armenian Weekly has an op-ed arguing that social media platforms are breeding grounds for Turkish nationalism

Daily Sabah published an opinion piece discussing the struggle between globalists and  nationalist in Turkey. 

Catholic Philly has a story about the Pope warning the Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez about the rise of nationalism. 

Arab News has a story covering Arab sentiment of white nationalism. 




Justin Collier