H-Nationalism is Recruiting!

Simon Purdue Discussion

Dear Subscribers,

H-Nationalism is seeking to recruit additional academic volunteers for our editorial team. Below, we outline some positions, address the application process, and add a few words about the value of working with H-Nationalism as well as our parent non-profit, H-Net. For this round of recruitment, we are particularly interested in the following.

Social Media Editors: We are looking for an editor or editors to help run our Twitter account, @HNationalism, which appears also on our main page (https://networks.h-net.org/h-nationalism). Routine tasks will include following relevant academics and public intellectuals, tweeting out messages from our main page, and helping to track informed discussion of nationalism and related concepts in the public sphere. The latter will include reading select news reports, op-eds, or blog posts trending on Twitter and adding some brief references to them to our regular “Weekend Reading” posts. Graduate students are welcomed to apply; applicants should have good organizational skills and be familiar with Twitter. (Two-year term of service with option to renew)

Review Editors: We are interested in recruiting additional Review Editors, who will commission and edit reviews of books and other scholarly materials through a formal system managed by our parent non-profit, H-Net. H-Net handles mailings and copy-editing, provides training on editorial best practices, and maintains an internal system for advice and technical support for review editors. Review Editors have discretion, within the bounds of editorial policies, over which books they commission reviews of and who to contact as a reviewer. A Ph.D. is required for this position; applicants should have good organizational skills and knowledge of the scholars working in their area of specialization. (Two-year term of service with option to renew)

To volunteer to serve in one of these capacities, please email editorial-nationalism@mail.h-net.org by Sunday, November 15, 2020 with a single PDF containing the following. 1) Your C.V., including current contact information. 2) A description of between 250 and 400 words explaining your areas of expertise, describing how you see yourself fulfilling the position, and offering a brief appraisal of your competing time commitments over the period of service. Please also be prepared to provide the name and contact information of a reference upon request. H-Net requires a brief online certification and training process. Please feel welcomed to contact us in advance with any questions you have.

There are a number of excellent reasons to consider volunteering with an H-Net network like H-Nationalism, including:

Flexibility: H-Net Networks and their projects can be scaled up or down in terms of the scope of their activities to best fit with the needs of their field and the availability of volunteers.

Best Practices: H-Net is committed to supporting editorial best practices. It's why we rely on trained academic editors to moderate and safeguard the content of individual groups like this one.

Collaboration: Volunteering with an H-Net Network can be an excellent chance to work within a strong and active editorial team.

Support: H-Net has a Home Office staffed by scholars, an online training program, a Help Desk, and a separate space where its editors can discuss questions and concerns relating to academic best practices and project development.

Durability: H-Net is committed to the long-term digital preservation of its academic content.

Visibility: H-Net's content is available online for free and uses an email notification system to deliver updates directly to subscribers.

Non-Profit: H-Net is a non-profit organization run by academics and built around an extensive community of volunteers.

Engagement: Above all else, H-Net Networks provide an excellent opportunity to engage with, support, and develop your field of study.

Best wishes,

David Prior
Advisory Board Member, H-Nationalism
Assistant Professor of History, UNM