Weekend Reading 10/16/2020

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HuffPost is running a piece covering how Chinese nationalists are focusing their anger at South Korean boy band BTS after its leader thanked Korean War veterans for their sacrifices. South China Morning Post published a story (video) on a WWII wartime battleground in Shanghai that is becoming a symbol of Chinese nationalism. 

Livemint has a story about how Bollywood is pushing patriotic themes to attract audiences. HuffPost published a story about how a jewelry ad depicting a Muslim and Hindu couple is provoking anger from Hindu nationalists. 

FT published a story on a nationalist firebrand taking power in Kyrgyzstan after the president resigned.

Religion News Service has an article looking at Christian nationalism’s impact on COVID-19 responses in the US. Forbes published a piece about white nationalist women being overlooked by the mainstream media.

The Irish News has an opinion piece about Irish nationalists refusing to participate in a forum looking at ways to mark the centenary of the formation of Northern Ireland. 

Gulf Today has an op-ed article arguing that North Korea is sacrificing health for nationalism. 

Global Village Space has an opinion article about why Saudi Arabia and UAE are transitioning away from religiosity toward nationalism. 




 Justin Collier