Weekend Reading 10/09/2020

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Dear All,


The Guardian has a story about the third encyclical written by Pope Francis warning against “myopic, extremist, resentful and aggressive nationalism.” 

The Guardian also has an op-ed about how Pope Francis's encyclical could impact the US election. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a piece covering a white nationalist group linked to a Pro-Kremlin propagandist. The Conversation has a piece about white nationalism in the US military. JPost has an article covering Jewish Democrats releasing a campaign ad comparing Trump and 1930s Germany. World Israel News has a story about American Jews looking to move to Canada as Trump’s presidency inspires fear. The Daily Orange has an opinion piece arguing that Trump is a white supremacist.

The Scotsman has a piece looking at recent comments made by PM Boris Johnson urging Scottish nationalists to 'pull together' and make Britain better. Al Monitor has an opinion article arguing that British archaeology has fallen victim to Turkish president Erdogan’s wider Islamo-nationalist campaign. 

Indian Express has a piece about COVID-19 and the threat of rising vaccine nationalism. Japan Times published an op-ed discussing Russia and China’s engagement in vaccine nationalism. FT has an interview with group head of global health at Novartis, Patrice Matchaba discussing the fight against vaccine nationalism




 Justin Collier