Weekend Reading 10/02/2020

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Financial Times has an article about Swiss voters rejecting a nationalist proposal to curb immigration.

The Atlantic has a piece focusing on Trump’s refusal to clearly condemn white supremacy in the recent presidential debate. The Hill has a story covering the recent conviction of a White nationalist who was featured in a Charlottesville documentary for making a rape threat. The Kansas State Collegian has an op-ed arguing that Gen Z should lead the fight against rising global nationalism.The Hill has a piece about the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) comparing President Trump’s America to the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism in 1930s Germany in a new ad. USA Today has an article profiling the far-right Proud Boys. Washington Post (paysite) also has a profile of the Proud Boys. Business Insider has a story on how Trump’s comments about the Proud Boys during the recent presidential debate is being used as a recruitment tool for the far-right group. New Statesman has an opinion piece about how Britain and the US became trapped in the “nationalism of decline”. The Hill has a story about Iowa  House Rep. Steve King defended his past controversial remarks on white nationalism. 

Reuters has a report covering an Indian court’s acquittal of Hindu nationalist leaders in the Babri mosque demolition case 28 years ago.

The Independent has an article about recent comments made by Ireland's foreign minister warning that Britain’s ‘emotional’ nationalism is risking a no-deal Brexit. 

South China Morning Post has an article about comments made by a former Chinese senior diplomat asserting that Beijing should contain the rise of populism and “extreme nationalism” in China. 

Ahval has an article on how ultra-nationalism in Turkey and Austria is “feeding off of each other”. 




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