Weekend Reading 09/25/2020

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The Guardian has an op-ed discussing how Democrats are indulging in patriotism in response to Trumpian nationalism. Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette has a story on Trump’s recent speech at the UN touting nationalism. ABC News has an article covering the New Hampshire white nationalist on trial for making rape threats. NPR has a story about a Delaware’s Republican candidate in recent days retweeted two posts from an anti-immigration website with ties to white nationalists. Politico published a piece looking at a recent comment made by a former Obama education official arguing that Trump is using 'dog whistle' politics by attacking the 1619 Project. 

South China Morning Post has a story about how deteriorating relations between Australia and China is impacting Chinese consumption of Aussie dairy products. The Sydney Morning Herald has a story about recent comments made by an Australian MP warning against a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Games, saying it would harden nationalist views in China.Coda has an article looking at Western social media influencers boosting their careers by embracing Chinese nationalism. 

Yahoo News published an article on vaccine nationalism and the debate over who gets the vaccine first. 

Belfast Newsletter has an opinion article about why the UK placates Irish nationalism




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