Racism and Nationalism

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Could someone please recommend a couple of articles on racism and nationalism (or racial justice and nationalism) for an MA course I'll teach next fall on Cultures of Nationalism in Contemporary Europe? I design the course around the idea of "crisis and nationalism" and discuss topics such as Covid-19 crisis, climate crisis, migration crisis, etc. In the light of current events, I would like to add race to the list and I'm still looking for relevant material. I found an old article by George L. Mosse in Nations and Nationalism but nothing more recent. Thanks very much!

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There is of course the piece of Etienne Balibar on "Racism and Nationalism" in Race, Nation, Class by him and Wallerstein. Not sure if that is of any help to you.
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Hi Krisztina
Not "contemporary Europe" though this book does engage discussion or racism and nationalism / race and nation:

Tensions in the American Dream: Rhetoric, Reverie or Reality http://tupress.temple.edu/book/0399

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There is suprisingly little explicitly on racism and nationalism 'in general', in part because the forms that racism takes varies by country. You may find that it is more useful to focus in on one or two countries for comparison (I've written on the topic in relation to Northern Ireland, most extensively in my book Northern Ireland and the Crisis of Anti-racism). You may also find you get more 'hits' if you try searching for xenophobia, rather than racism. You may find the following two books provide something you can use:

Liz Fekete 'Europe's Fault Lines: Racism and the Rise of the Right'
(Fekete is on the Board of the journal Race & Class, which you might find is a useful resource. The journal is produced by the UK based Institute for Race Relations, and there are additional resources on the IRR site that you might find useful: http://www.irr.org.uk/ )

Suman Gupta and Satnam Virdee 'Race and Crisis'


Sivamohan Valluvan, “The Uses and Abuses of Class: Left Nationalism and the Denial of Working Class Multiculture,” The Sociological Review 67, no. 1 (2019): 36–46.

Also the introduction of his book, The Clamour of Nationalism
Race and nation in Twenty-First-Century Britain (Manchester University Press, 2019).

Thanks so much for these wonderful recommendations! This is a great start. Perhaps indeed racism and nationalism is a topic worth further exploration. Could be a very interesting subject for comparative studies as Chris suggested. Thanks again for all the tips!

Sorry for this late entry, but on the relation of race and nationalism you might want to examine the work of Rogers Brubaker who argues that we should see such categories of groupness as a spectrum rather than as artificially separable domains. See especially his review essay "Ethnicity, Race, and Nationalism," in the Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 35 (2009), 21–42.

Apologies for the late response.
Italy is often left out of discussions on race and nationalism, despite the relative ubiquity of the Fascist regime's focus on the health of the nation through the lens of race.
Eden McLean's “The Rhetoric of Race in Fascist Elementary Education” in New Perspectives in Italian Cultural Studies, Vol. 2: The Arts and History (2012) might offer fruitful conversation, given the Italian government's current refusal to engage with its immigrant communities and migrant crisis under Salvini's leadership.
The Lily has also published a recent article on black women's contributions to discussions of race and Italianness in contemporary politics here: https://www.thelily.com/black-women-in-italy-werent-being-heard-then-bla...
Finally, Italian rapper Ghali's "Cara Italia" explores the contemporary politics of race and nationality to an infectious beat, if you like opening classes with music.