Weekend Reading 07/03/2020

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The Chicago Tribune has a story about far-right “Hawaiian shirt nationalism” and the boogaloo movement. Newsweek has a story focusing on a study that shows how racism pushes Chinese students in the US closer to Beijing. TechCrunch has a story about YouTube banning David Duke, Richard Spencer and other white nationalist accounts. NPR (audio) interviews two experts on white nationalism about President Trump's recent sharing of a controversial video. The Telegraph has a story about how the Trump administration's recent actions could spark a dangerous “vaccine nationalism.” Center for American Progress has an article discussing the return of white nationalism to US politics.

Bloomberg has an article about how Poland’s presidential election could challenge nationalists' grip on power. Sky News also has an article on the Polish elections.

The Eurasian Times has a story about how China is blaming ‘Hindu Nationalism’ for the recent violence on the India-China disputed border region. CGTN has an op-ed about the Tik Tok ban in India and rising techno-nationalism. Taiwan News has an opinion piece discussing how India’s nationalist government may have mishandled the COVID-19 response

CNBC has a piece on how nationalism could impact the spread of COVID-19. 

Bloomberg has a story about how Scotland's nationalists are reviving their debate over another independence vote.

Reuters published an article covering recent comments made by the Airbus CEO warning against nationalism amid job cuts.

Balkan Insights has an op-ed covering COVID-19 and rising nationalism in the Balkans. 

Food & Environment Reporting Network has an article about the risk of ‘food nationalism’ as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.




For the LSE Review of Books, Hesham Shafick reviews Ibrahim Fraihat’s Iran and Saudi Arabia: Taming a Chaotic Conflict (2020, Edinburgh University Press), which explores the possibility of resolving the long-standing antagonism between Tehran and Riyadh. 




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