Weekend Reading 06/26/2020

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H-Nationalism’s Weekend Reading series highlights recent and thought-provoking reviews, blog posts, brief articles, and op-eds.  Have something to say about something you read?  Feel free to respond here or contact David Prior (prior@mail.h-net.msu.edu) and Justin Collier (collierjustin@gmail.com) about writing a blogpost. Follow us on Twitter @HNationalism.



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The National Interest has an article about the domestic threat posed by white nationalism. Reason has a piece comparing India’s “new” nationalism with nationalism in the US. BU Today has an opinion piece arguing that white nationalists need to be removed from the US military. CT published an article discussing Christian nationalism. CNN has a story about Trump's first foreign visitor amid the pandemic with Poland's nationalist President Andrzej Duda.

Wall Street Journal (paysite) has a piece focusing on how Indian nationalism, inflamed by recent territorial conflict between India and China, is impacting China’s cell phone companies. The Diplomat has an article looking at the role nationalism is playing in the rising tensions between China and India.  Gulf News has an op-ed on the dangers of nationalism in the situation between India and China. 

ABC News has a (video) story about how to prevent vaccine nationalism

Yahoo News has an article looking at how the 'Army of Africa' helped the nationalist cause in the Spanish Civil War.

Catholic News Service has an article about an essay in an influential Jesuit journal warning against radical nationalists trying to use Christianity to further their agenda. 

East Asia Forum has a piece on nationalism and the media in Vietnam’s war on COVID-19.

Balkan Insight has an op-ed discussing the increase in ethno-nationalism in Montenegro.

Global Voices published an article on how nationalists in North Macedonia are using border closures to sow confusion and mistrust. 




For Reviews in History, Natalie Zacek reviews P. J. Marshall’s Edmund Burke and the British Empire in the West Indies: Wealth, Power, and Slavery (Oxford University Press, 2019), which delves into the importance of the colonial West Indies within Burke’s political thought. 




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