Weekend Reading 05/29/2020

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Dear All,


The Guardian has an article covering recent comments made by a former WHO board member warning against Coronavirus 'vaccine nationalism'. NPR also has a story about the risk posed by vaccine nationalism. And The Wall Street Journal has a story on how nationalism is impacting the hunt for COVID-19 vaccine. 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an op-ed by Jonah Goldberg arguing that conservative nationalists missed their chance to take political advantage of the pandemic because of partisan politics. National Review has an opinion article responding to Goldberg’s piece. Bloomberg has an opinion piece looking at how US economic nationalism is turning the financial world against China. 

Newsweek has an op-ed piece written by Brexiteer Nigel Farage about responding to the COVID crisis with nationalism.

Foreign Policy published an article about how surging Chinese nationalism led to Beijing’s new national security measures in Hong Kong.  

Reuters has a story about Poland’s governing nationalists accusing opposition lawmakers of trying to delay the presidential election. 

Asia Times has an op-ed looking at how a Turkish drama series is sparking questions over Pakistani nationalism. 

Global News has a story about how Coronavirus racism and white nationalism led to a recent attack on a 15 year old boy in Canada. 




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