Weekend Reading 05/22/2020

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LA Times has an op-ed about how the Coronavirus failed to fire up conservative nationalists in the US. The Seattle Times has an op-ed by Jonah Goldberg arguing that nationalists have failed the American people in the 21st century. CNBC published an opinion article asserting that the U.S. must address coronavirus medical shortages without resorting to nationalism. Forbes has an opinion article discussing how “techno-nationalism” will impact any trade deal between China and the US. 

Bloomberg has a story about nationalism, the Coronavirus vaccine, and how a global advocate on COVID-19 that has been pushed to the frontline. 

South China Morning Post has an opinion article arguing that  international cooperation is needed as the push for a COVID-19 vaccine turns ugly. 

The Guardian has a piece about recent comments made by Australian health expert Jane Halton warning the world against coronavirus 'vaccine nationalism'.

Forbes has a story about Covid-19, nationalism, and the move toward automation.

The Telegraph has an opinion piece about how the UK’s limited vaccine manufacturing facilities will be problematic in this new age of “vaccine nationalism”.

France 24 (video) has a debate discussing the Coronavirus and “medical nationalism”. 

Reuters has a piece about how China’s chip manufacturing giant, Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMI), serves the purposes of both nationalists and economic reformers.

Jamaica Gleaner has an article covering how the Jamaican government is pushing back against the pro-nationalist ideology sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lake Superior News published an op-ed arguing in favor of embracing economic nationalism to defend Canada against China. 




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