Weekend Reading 04/03/2020

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Politico has an audio briefing covering how President Donald Trump’s worldview that nations alone, in their own self-interest, should act to protect themselves is playing out now among different U.S. states during the COVID-19 crisis. The Bulwark has an op-ed about COVID -19 and economic nationalism. ABC News has a story about a white nationalist jailed  over a COVID-19 threat. Slate published an op-ed  arguing that Trumpian nationalism is no match for a pandemic. The Guardian has a story about the rise of white nationalism in the Trump era. Raw Story has an op-ed article about how Christian Nationalists have shaped the federal government’s response to coronavirus. Slate has a podcast discussing Christian nationalists influence on the US health system and its response to the coronavirus crisis. 

DW has a piece focusing on how COVID-19 can lead to “food nationalism”.

The Diplomat has an opinion piece looking at India’s violent turn toward nationalism. 

CNBC has a story about recent comments made by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warning against nationalism in the wake of the coronavirus. Euroweekly also has a story about Italy PM’s fears about the rise in nationalism as anti-EU sentiment grows.

Daily Sabah has an op-ed about the influence of religion on English nationalism.

CATO has an opinion arguing that the coronavirus response should be internationalist not nationalist. 

Bangor Daily News has an article about how COVID-19 is impacting global trade and increasing nationalism. 

Asia & the Pacific Policy Society has an article about how nationalism is impacting the Syrian civil war.

Mail & Guardian has a story discussing Covid-19 and Zimbabwean nationalism.



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