Question of the Month - April

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Hello all,

I hope this post finds you well. These are challenging days indeed and we hope that you have all stayed healthy and safe in these trying times. We have decided to focus this month on the issue at hand. With that in mind we are asking:

Given the current global crisis surrounding Covid-19, we have found ourselves pondering the relationship between nationalism and "natural catastrophe," whether environmental, epidemic, or otherwise. What do nationalism scholars need to know about this subject? Is there a main body of literature? Do we have robust studies of, say, the 1918 pandemic and nationalism? What other historical episodes or topics warrant discussion from nationalism scholars? Is there literature on the nexus of disease and nationalism? What readings would you all suggest?

We look forward to hearing what you all think about this very relevant topic, and as always please share widely.

Best wishes, and stay well,

Simon Purdue

Series Editor