Weekend Reading 03/20/2020

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VOA has a story about how white nationalists are divided over their support for President Trump in the upcoming election.  Daily Beast has a piece about a white nationalist who is calling himself a Coronavirus “expert” and gaining popularity. The Indiana Gazette has a story about a recent report about violence and how white nationalism is behind it. Rolling Stone has an article about how social distancing could lead to  an increase in white nationalism.  

Independent has a piece about a recent statement made by former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown arguing that the response to the coronavirus crisis has been dominated by too much “populist nationalism”.

Bloomberg has an op-ed looking at how the coronavirus is imperiling the European Union. LA Times has an article looking at nationalism and Europe’s battle with the Coronavirus. 

Al Jazeera English has a show covering the threat of white nationalism.



The Washington Post has a book review for Katherine Stewart’s ambitious new book entitled, “The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism” which is about how Christian nationalism is intertwined with U.S. domestic and foreign policy. 




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