Weekend Reading 03/13/2020

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The Week has an op-ed that argues that nationalists will win the war against the COVID-19 crisis. RawStory has an article looking at the pro-slavery origins of Christian nationalism. NPR has a story about a white nationalist man’s use of  racist speech on social media platforms to drive African American residents out of Vermont. Politico has an op-ed about Trump’s nationalist response to COVID-19.  NBC News has an opinion article arguing that nationalism has not been helpful during this pandemic. 

The Economist has a piece about the split between gradualist and fundamentalist within the Scottish National Party. The Financial Times published an article on whether Scottish independence is inevitable and another one arguing that the UK needs a new British identity.

The Jordan Times has an opinion piece written by former prime minister of Australia  Kevin Rudd about nationalism and the COVID-19 crisis

The Telegraph has an opinion article discussing animal symbolism and nationalism. 

The New Statesman has an article examining the rise of so-called “disaster nationalism” around the globe. 

HuffPost published a story about far-right and nationalist governments around the world waging a culture war against academic and historical institutions around the world over the Holocaust. 

Foreign Policy has an article looking at how Hindu nationalists are responding to the COVID-19 virus in India. 

EUObserver has an article about recent comments made by French president Emmanuel Macron that the EU must avoid virus nationalism.

ABC Australia has a (video) panel discussion entitled “Rethinking Nationalism” covering values and traditions that add to the Australian collective sense of a national identity.

Al Jazeera has a video discussion (at 10:50) with author and former Neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini about far-right nationalist movements around the world. 

VOX has a video story discussing the recent bloody Delhi Riots.





Texas Observer’s Karl Richter  reviews Katherine Stewart’s book entitled “The Power Worshippers” which discusses the Christian right’s attempts to revise history and create an American theocracy.




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