Question of the Month — March

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Dear Subscribers,

Thank you all again for your great input on our last Question of the Month. We had a great conversation on race and nationalism, and had another great interview with PhD Candidate Daniel Hanglberger.

This month we have yet another interesting question for you, and as always we encourage you to participate and share our conversation widely! This month we are looking at nationalism and the LGBTQ+ community as we ask:

In what ways has nationalism shaped and been shaped by LGBTQ+ activism? 
What are some of the key linkages that scholars have made, or should be 
making, between these two topics?

As always we look forward to your responses!


Simon Purdue

Series Editor, Question of the Month

Dear All, 

Since this is well outside of my own area of expertise I'll be interested to see what others have to say. I do remember that back in 2010 we had a conversation through our old listserv about how we define nations and nationalism, which entailed some brief discussion about the methodological implications of applying the concepts to groups / movements delimited by and focused on either religion or sexual orientation. That's of course not the only way to approach this question, which focuses broadly on the relationship between nationalism and LGBTQ+ activism. Two key posts from that earlier discussion are here and here

Best wishes, 

Dave Prior