Weekend Reading 2/28/2020

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Telegraph published an article about voters punishing the far-right Alternative for Germany in the Hamburg parliament after the recent terror attack against immigrants.

The Guardian has an op-ed about the recent meeting between prime minister Narendra Modi and POTUS Donald Trump and their respective brands of nationalism. Washington Post (paysite) also has an article about the recent meeting between the two nationalist leaders. Esquire also has an opinion piece discussing Trump’s trip to India in the context of nationalism.   Fox News has a story about the Air Force administrative board recommending that  a Colorado airman be discharged for ties to a white nationalist group. Washington Examiner has an article about the CoronaVirus, economic nationalism, and Trump’s push for re-election.  Rawstory has a commentary piece discussing Christian nationalism and the 2020 election. 

The Guardian has an article covering India, Modi and the rise of Hindu nationalism. France 24 published a video about ethno-nationalism and the violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi. Slate also has an article examining the violent and deadly clashes between Hindu and Muslim mobs.

Bloomberg has a story looking at the Slovenian opposition leader who is ushering in a new nationalist administration in a region struggling with an increase in populism.



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