Weekend Reading 02/14/2020

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The Guardian has a piece on how nationalism is winning on both sides of the Scottish border. Gerry Hassan wrote an article for the Sunday National about Scotland’s relationship with England. The Atlantic has a story covering Ireland's Brexit-inspired nationalism. ABC News has an article about the recent electoral success for Sinn Féin in the Irish elections. 

News One has an op-ed discussing the history of black nationalist women and political activism. Yahoo News published a story about a recent white nationalist march in Washington DC. The Root has an op-ed that provides an African American perspective on this march. Marine Corps Times has a piece discussing the US Marines’ attempts to root out white nationalists in their ranks. The Washington Examiner also has an article about attempts to stop white nationalists in the US military. Florida Politics has a blog post about the lack of political will to condemn white nationalism in the Florida state legislature. 

Fox News has a story about recent comments made by German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier calling for the for country to stand up against extremism and nationalism on the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden. 

The Express Tribune has an opinion piece looking at nationalism and governance in the Muslim world. 

Euractiv has an article about recent comments made by Montenegro President Milo Djukanovic asserting that Montenegro needs its own church to repel Serbian nationalism

The Daily Star has an op-ed arguing for the superiority of welfare politics to nationalism in India. 

TNI has an article focusing on civic nationalism as a means for ending civil war in Myanmar. 

Arab News has an op-ed arguing that  Iran’s regional ambitions are guided by nationalism. 

Livemint has an opinion article discussing the weaknesses of progressive nationalism




Daniel Bennett of Christianity Today reviews Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism, and the Future of the West by R. R. Reno (2019).




Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Justin Collier