Weekend Reading 01/17/2020

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The Guardian has a piece on the standoff between the Scottish and the British governments over an independence referendum. The New European has a story about backlash over recent comments made by a Labor MP about Scottish nationalism. NPR has an article covering how the Scottish National Party is espousing a multicultural brand of nationalism. The Centre on Constitutional Change published a post on Northern Ireland and Unionism

Bloomberg has an article looking at how the rise of nationalism is affecting the credit card company Mastercard. The Bulwark has an op-ed focusing on the weaknesses of nationalism in Trump’s foreign policy. Capital Research Center has a post discussing how Trump has impacted the increase in violent black nationalist groups. Jewish Telegraphic Agency has an article about Jewish groups calling for Stephen Miller to resign because of his white nationalist ties.

International Tax Review has an article covering “tax nationalism” at the World Economic Forum as US and French officials meet to try and end the row over international taxing rights.

ABC News has a piece about far-right leader President Jair Bolsonaro stoking the flames of  Brazil’s culture war.

Industry Global News 24 has an article about how China is reacting to rising Hindu nationalism




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