Question of the Month: January

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Dear Subscribers,

A happy new year to you all! After what has hopefully been a rejuvenating holiday period we at H-Nationalism are starting the new year off with our next instalment of our ‘Question of the Month’ series. This month we are dealing with the question of affective studies and their relevance to the history of nationalism. To that end we are asking:

The past decade has witnessed cross-disciplinary interest in emotions studies that collectively amounts to an affective turn in the humanities and social sciences. Has this trend had much impact on nationalism scholarship? How have and/or should nationalism scholars engage with it?

As always we look forward to your responses! As we enter the new year we hope to increase awareness and engagement with the series, so please also share this question with anyone you think might be interested. We hope that the new year and new decade are productive and prosperous for all our subscribers.

Best wishes,

Simon Purdue

Series Editor