Weekend Reading 12/13/2019

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Euronews has a story about gains made by nationalists in Northern Ireland in the British election. Reuters also has an article about Irish nationalists’ gains in the UK election. Reuters has a story about Northern Irish nationalists eyeing historic wins as the election approaches. The Hill has an op-ed about the impact of nationalism on the British election.  Reuters has an article about how PM Boris Johnson and the Conservative’s election success is a victory for nationalism. BBC News has a video covering recent comments made by the leader of the Liberal Democrats - Jo Swinson who lost her seat in the election warning about nationalism  “sweeping both sides of the border.” 

Newsweek published a story on recent allegations made by Democrats that a senior adviser for policy to the Trump White House is a white nationalist and is influencing the administration’s policies. DePauw University’s TDP has a story about white nationalist flyers found on campus recently. Boston Herald has a story on reports that a black nationalist may be linked to the recent shooting in New Jersey.

The New Yorker has a piece about rising Hindu nationalism in PM Modi’s India. Washington Monthly has a story covering Hindu nationalists’ attempts to deny citizenship to Indian Muslims. Wall Street Journal (paysite) also has an article on the legislation that seeks to deny citizenship to Muslims. The Diplomat has an article on the “new nationalism” in Modi’s India.

Forbes has an op-ed focusing on the impact that economic nationalism is having on the German business community. 

Al Jazeera has a story about Italy's anti-fascist “Sardines” rally to counter rising nationalism.

Inside Sources has an opinion piece about Japanese PM Abe’s embrace of nationalism. 

South China Morning Post has a story about a Korean war film boosting Chinese nationalism.




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