Weekend Reading 10/18/2019

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The Economist has a piece on the evolution of the independence row in Catalonia after the contested ruling of the Spanish Supreme Court. Politico published a piece on what the ruling and the ensuing protests can mean for Spain’s future. openDemocracy has a post arguing about how Spanish nationalism isn’t following the normal pattern followed in liberal democracies.

The Guardian has an article on the weakness of the Scottish National Party’s plan for independence, while The Economist looks at how Brexit hardliners have increased Scotland’s appetite for independence. The Guardian has an op-ed about a valuable lesson that Scottish nationalists can learn from Catalonia.

Bloomberg has a video about the nationalism surrounding the U.S.- China trade war and how it’s impacting the Chinese multinational company Tencent. Business Mirror published an article about the Hong Kong controversy between the NBA and China and the febrile nationalism it has sparked.  LA Times also has an article about the NBA-Hong Kong controversy and Chinese nationalism. Bloomberg published an article about French fashion giant Christian Dior apologizing to China over a map controversy that stirred Chinese nationalism. 

The Diplomat has an opinion piece covering islamophobia, Hindu nationalism, and the Kashmir dispute. Nikkei Asian Review has an op-ed arguing that India, driven by Hindu nationalism, shouldn’t repress Kashmir. The Hindu has a story about concerns about the resurgence of nationalism in the world expressed by multiple security strategic thinkers at the Synergia Conclave in India.

ABC News has an article discussing a recent march of nationalist and far-right groups in Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urging participants to avoid violence.

Business Because has an article about a new white paper from the Graduate Management Admission Council that sounds the alarm on decreasing global student mobility and the negative consequences it will have on international business. 

Balkan Insight has an article looking at recent comments made by Croatian Serb political leader Milorad Pupovac warning against right-wing nationalism and the rise of intolerance against ethnic minorities.

Brookings has a blog post about the future of right-wing populism and nationalism in Central Europe.




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