Weekend Reading 10/13/2017

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Dear All,

Paul De Grauwe has a piece on the LSE blog on Catalonia's pursuit of independence and a 'formal sovereignty' of which nationalists in Europe aspire. The FT has a piece on what’s next for Catalonia after Tuesday’s independence declaration and about the possibility of a way out of the crisis by means of a modification of the Spanish constitution. The Turkey Telegraph has an opinion piece on the recent elections in Catalonia. Catholic Herald has an article about recent comments made by a Spanish cardinal calling unity a ‘moral good’ and Catalan nationalism ‘sedition’ and ‘betrayal’ to Spain.

The Australian has an op-ed piece arguing that the Kurdish and Catalan independence movements prove that nationalism is still a relevant political force.

USA Today has an article on the recent gathering of White nationalists for the second time in Charlottesville, Virginia. PBS Newshour also has a piece on the second White nationalists' march in Charlottesville. The Chicago Tribune has a report on Spencer’s threat to sue Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati if they don’t agree to let Spencer speak. American Prospect has an op-ed on the intersection of White nationalism and economic nationalism. US News & World Report has an article on comments made recently by the University of Florida’s president urging students to steer clear of Richard Spencers event on campus. NY Post has a story on a recent protest on Columbia’s campus of a British nationalist speaker. The American Prospect has an article about how the Republican party is now the party of White nationalism. The New York Times has an op-ed arguing that White nationalism is more of a threat to the US than Islamic terror.

Bloomberg has a story on how a man with Korean-Japanese ethnic heritage is the new face of Czech nationalism.

Express has an article on a recent comment made by a Scottish independence advocate claiming that Brexit was tied to nationalism.

US News & World Report has a piece on how Communism and a Refugee Crisis brought about nationalism in central Europe.

Foreign Affairs has a piece on how Russian nationalists are breaking free of Putin’s control.

The Inquisitor has an interview with Robert Gold of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy discussing the rise of nationalism in Germany and comparing it to Trump's political ascendance in the US.



Shota Kincha, Emmanuel Dalle Mulle, and Justin Collier