Weekend Reading 07/19/2019

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CNN has an article on the chaos surrounding POTUS Trump’s recent ‘go back’ racist tweet. The Hill has a story about House Representative Omar’s response to Trump’s tweet. The Independent has a piece on to Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s response to Trump’s tweet. New York Magazine has an op-ed describing Trump’s tweet attack against four congresswomen as using white nationalist rhetoric. NYT (paysite) has an opinion article examining the nationalism behind Trump’s ‘love it or leave it’ message. Yahoo News has an op-ed discussing conservative politics and nationalism. National Review has an opinion article looking at the recent National Conservatism Conference and conservative nationalism. WSJ (paysite) has an op-ed arguing that there is no place for nationalism in the American nation. Patheos has an opinion piece looking at American nationalism and pride. Raw Story has an article about recent comments made by a journalist and fascism expert claiming that the American democracy is threatened by white nationalism. 

The Guardian has a story about a British Conservative MP’s decision to leave his position because of concerns that his party is deliberately appealing to English nationalists.  The Guardian has an op-ed arguing against nationalism and in favor of UK solidarity with the EU. New Statesman has an op-ed about what England’s recent Cricket World Cup final win says about nationalism. 

Asia Times has an op-ed looks at how nationalism is contributing to a change in the world order. 

TRT World has a story on the Hindu nationalism, ‘cow vigilantes’, and the lynching of three men in India. 




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