Weekend Reading 06/28/2019

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The Economist has a piece on how Brexit risks breaking the United Kingdom. The Guardian writes about how Conservative party members too focused on England are alienating people in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Daily Mail has an op-ed written by former PM Gordon Brown warning the UK is close to “unraveling.”  The Scotsman has a story about recent comments made by the Deputy Prime Minister warning that "indifference to the union" among English voters is a threat to the survival of the UK. 

Fox News has an op-ed by the national chairman of the College Republican National Committee discussing the threat racism and white nationalists pose to the future of the Republican Party. Washington Times has a story on recent comments made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticizing Rep. Steve King for his past white nationalist comments. NPR has a story covering how the far-right can be defined. Townhall has an opinion article looking at the pros and cons of nationalism. San Francisco Chronicle has an opinion piece focusing on the origins of nationalism’s spread globally. The American Conservative has a piece on the “hijacking” of American nationalism. Vox has a story about the results of a new poll looking at Gen-Z adults and their rejection of nationalism. Inside Higher Ed has a story on the increased presence of white nationalist groups on college campuses. 

The Siasat Daily has a piece looking at the origin of a Nazi-sympathetic group in India and how their admiration for Hitler and Nazism is now rampant in the Hindu nationalist movement. 

Al Bawaba has an op-ed arguing that hyper-nationalism in Saudi Arabia is making it more militant. 

Business Day has an opinion piece on resource nationalism in African countries. 

IOL has an op-ed arguing that Ethiopia must resist the pull of ethnonationalism. 



Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Justin Collier