Weekend Reading 05/24/2019

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Asia Times has an opinion piece looking at Hindu nationalism and the results of the recent elections in India. Buzzfeed also has a piece looking at the role nationalism played in PM Modi’s party’s overwhelming victory. Forbes has an article on the success of Modi’s brand of nationalism in the Indian election. The New Yorker has an article written by a political theorist on Hindu nationalism and the election results. The Telegraph India has an opinion piece about an event that the author calls a “display of pseudo-nationalism.” Bloomberg has a piece about Indian PM Modi’s use of nationalism to obscure his lack of reform success.

Bloomberg has an op-ed discussing economic nationalism in Germany. Minneapolis Star Tribune has a story about a recent pro-EU rally held in Germany against nationalism.

Bloomberg has an opinion piece looking at nationalism and US tech companies. CNBC has an article looking at growing nationalism in China in response to its trade war with the US. Buzzfeed has a story about Democrat presidential candidates assertion that social media has a white nationalism problem. The Danville Times has an article about recent comments made Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warning Bucknell graduates of the dangers of nationalism.  AEI (audio) has a podcast on the rise of American nationalism.

Edward Luce writes in an op-ed in FT about the rise of ethnic nationalism around the globe.

Pat Buchanan wrote an op-ed in WND focusing on nationalism and the European Parliamentary elections. Yahoo News has an op-ed that argues that the EU election is a referendum on nationalism in Poland. Abc News has an article looking at far-right nationalist parties and the EU elections. Politico has a story about recent comments made by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker calling out “stupid nationalists” standing in the way of EU unity.



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