Weekend Reading 03/29/2019

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Dear All,


The American Spectator has a piece on the clash between self-determination and the rule of law in Catalonia.

NPR has a piece about what the New Zealand massacre says about the rise of extremism. USA Today has a story on Facebook banning white nationalists from the platform following the New Zealand attack. The Hill also has an article on Facebook’s white nationalist ban.

The BBC has a piece on how the SNP could use Brexit to make the case for Scottish independence. The Times (paid) has an op-ed on Brexit and English nationalism.

Vox has a report on the increase in hate crimes in cities where Trump rallies have been held.

Daily Beast has an interview with a Democratic socialist and veteran journalist John Judis who argues the importance of embracing nationalism. South Florida Times has an opinion piece looking at how African Americans understand white nationalism. The Hill has an article covering Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s recent comments asserting that Trump and Pence are complicit in the rise of white nationalism. Cato Institute has a blog post focusing on Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s economic nationalism.

Omaha World Herald has an op-ed contrasting white nationalism with radical Islam.

Financial Times has an op-ed on the enduring nationalism left by an ex-Bosnian Serb leader in Srebrenica.




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