Weekend Readings 09/15/2017

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H-Nationalism’s Weekend Reading series highlights recent and thought-provoking reviews, blog posts, brief articles, and op-eds.  Have something to say about something you read?  Feel free to respond here or contact David Prior (prior@mail.h-net.msu.edu) and Justin Collier (collierjustin@gmail.com) about writing a blogpost. Follow us on Twitter @HNationalism.


Dear All,

The BBC has a piece on the massive independence rally held in Catalonia early this week ahead of the independence referendum planned for October 1st. The Scotsman published an article on why the Catalonia’s independence vote is very different from Scotland’s. And Politico published some interesting infographics about what Spain would lose if Catalonia became independent.

The Hindu has an op-ed on the reemergence of ‘sub-nationalism’ as a political identity in India.

CBS News has a report on a White nationalists rally that turned violent in Oregon recently. The Washington Post and The Hill have blog posts discussing recent comments made by Hillary Clinton that Trump inaugural address was a call to White nationalism. New York Magazine has a blog post on former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s economic nationalism. The Wrap has a story on a new episode of the popular TV show ‘South Park’ that tackles White nationalism. PBS Newshour has a piece covering the recent Senate resolution rebuking White nationalists. NBC has a similar story on the Congressional condemnation of White nationalists.

The Bahamas Tribune has an op-ed on nationalism and collective action in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s devastation. ABC News has a story about the White nationalist posters recently found on the Kansas State campus. The Kansas City Star has a piece on how some of the university’s students responded.

Times Higher Education has a story on how for-profit colleges and universities will benefit from the rise of nationalism in Europe and the US.

The Globe and Mail has a story on photographer Alia Ali's award-winning series confronting the rise of nationalism internationally.



For Reviews in History, Jean-Michel Johnston reviews Shane Nagle’s book Histories of Nationalism in Ireland and Germany: A Comparative Study from 1800 to 1932 (2016, Bloomsbury), which compares the Irish and German narratives of national history written from the nineteenth century to the interwar period.



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