Weekend Reading 07/27/2018

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Asia Times has a story on how foreign investment in the US is falling as a result of Trump’s economic nationalism. National Review has an op-ed discussing nationalism and statism in the Trump administration’s trade policies. Pacific Standard has an article on patriotism and immigration in the US. USA Today has a story on the white nationalist rally planned in Washington DC in August on the anniversary of ‘Unite the Right’ march in Charlottesville. Pacific Standard has an article on a new study that links political conservatism to the fusion of nationalism and Christianity. Middle East Eye has an opinion piece on the relationship between two nationalist leaders, Putin and Trump and how it is impacting international politics.

New York Times has an op-ed discussing Israel’s nation-state law. Haaretz has a story on American white nationalists Richard Spencer’s support for Israel’s new nation-state proclamation which confers the right to national self-determination in Israel as a Jewish state. The Economist also has a piece talking about the new law. Haaretz has an op-ed discussing Netanyahu, Israel and global nationalism.

Irish Examiner has a piece by Edoardo Campanella which argues that there is an ‘epidemic’ of nostalgia fueling nationalist movements around the world.

The Week has an opinion piece discussing how nationalist movements tend to run counter to the national interests of their respective countries.

Belfast Telegraph has an op-ed discussing  Irish nationalists and their difficulty defining what it means to be British.

Newsweek has an article on the Croatian Men’s World Cup team’s invitation to a far-right nationalist singer during their second-place celebrations.




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