Weekend Reading 09/08/2017

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The English version of El País published a piece on the Catalan Parliament’s approval of the law that calls an independence referendum on 1 October 2017 and an op-ed on the illegal nature of such a law. Financial Times has a piece on the prospects for an independent Catalonia.

Huffington Post has an op-ed discussing Trump’s economic nationalism. Fox News has a story on how Michigan State University is being sued for refusing to allow White nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a blog post arguing how Andrew Jackson is responsible for a particular kind of nationalism that is causing problems in the US today. The Washington Post has an op-ed arguing that Trumpian nationalism is losing ground. Minneapolis Star Tribune has an article on Virginia's two Democratic senators’ resolution condemning white nationalists. ABC News has a story about Ku Klux 'Klown' effigies that were recently hung from a tree in Richmond, Virginia. Iowa State Daily has a piece from the editorial board discussing why and how both White nationalism and White supremacy are covered in the newspaper.

Greater Kashmir has an op-ed on the various forms of Indian nationalism. Financial Times has a piece on the murder of a prominent Indian journalist and critic of Hindu nationalism in Bangalore. The National has a story on The Taj Mahal being caught in the middle of a “rising tide of narrow nationalism.”

WENY News has a piece on how a 138-year-old statue is serving as a rallying point for Australian nationalists.

Politics has a blog post on how nationalism is hurting Britain.

The Interpreter has an op-ed arguing that Chinese nationalism is toxic.

Binghamton University Pipe Dream has a student-written blog post arguing that patriotism and nationalism are not the same.



Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Justin Collier