Weekend Reading 06/08/2018

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Dear All,


BBC has a survey of national identity showing that national identity in Scotland is different from that in England. The Financial Times published an article on how a new independence report has exposed divisions within the Scottish National Party. In the Economist you can read a piece on how the SNP is facing the economic challenges of independence. The Telegraph has a story about recent comments made by the Scottish Labour leader arguing against economic nationalism.  Irish Examiner has an opinion piece arguing that English nationalism is a threat to British unity and identity.

Reuters has a piece on the prospects for Catalonia after the formation of new governments both in Barcelona and Madrid.

ABC News has an article about recent comments made by a German nationalist dismissing the Nazi era as a "speck of bird poop" in German history.

Bloomberg has an interview discussing the recent right-wing nationalists’ ascendance to power in Italian politics.

Deutsche Welle has a story on the nationalism behind the recent anti-Macedonia protests in Greece.

Forbes has an article discovering resource nationalism in Mexico.

Yahoo News has a piece on the recent phenomenon of populism and nationalism in Europe.

Al Arabiya has a story about Muqtada al-Sadr and the nationalistic populist.

African Business has a short blog post focusing on resource nationalism.




Shota Kincha, Emmanuel Dalle Mulle, and Justin Collier