Weekend Reading 08/11/2017

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H-Nationalism’s Weekend Reading series highlights recent and thought-provoking reviews, blog posts, brief articles, and op-eds.  Have something to say about something you read?  Feel free to respond here or contact David Prior (prior@mail.h-net.msu.edu) and Justin Collier (collierjustin@gmail.com) about writing a blogpost. Follow us on Twitter @HNationalism.


Dear All,

CNN has a story on how Airbnb recently removed users connected with a rally of White nationalists. CNN also has a story on the rally in Charlottesville Virginia. Washington Post also has a story on the rally. Think Progress published first entry by Jack Jenkins in a series on Christian nationalism and Trump. The Washington Examiner has an op-ed arguing how populists Trump supporters are making a mistake.

The Irish Times has a piece on comments made by a Former Labour MP on how Brexit is providing an opportunity for Irish nationalists.

Hindustan Times has a story on recent comments made by outgoing Indian VP warning that Hyper-nationalism is a manifestation of insecurity. The Hindu has a similar story. The Times of India has a blog post arguing that Chinese nationalism is built on belligerence and insecurity. The Tribune has a story on sports and nationalism between India and China. Asia Times has an op-ed advocating for bringing back a Gandhian style nationalism in India. Yahoo News has a story on how Cricket is being used as a vehicle for nationalism in India.

OpenDemocracy has an op-ed arguing to move past national identity in order to find peace in South Asia.

The Associated Press has a piece on the rise of globalism and its impact on nationalists around the world.

China Digital Times has a piece on nationalism in Chinese cinema.


For H-Nationalism, Thomas Lorman reviews Bálint Varga’s book The Monumental Nation: Magyar Nationalism and Symbolic Politics in Fin-de-siècle Hungary (2016, Berghahn Books), “sheds new light on the Hungarian state’s efforts to integrate its minorities”; Stefan Manz reviews Matthew P. Fitzpatrick’s book Purging the Empire: Mass Expulsions in Germany, 1871-1914 (2015, Oxford University Press), which investigates the different groups expulsed from the German Empire from 1871 to 1914.



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