Weekend Reading 05/19/2017

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Dear All,

Huffington Post has a story about White nationalist protesting the removal of a statute of a US Civil War Confederate general. NBC has a story on this same event. US News and World Report has a story about Auburn University’s decision to pay $30,000 to end a lawsuit with a White nationalist. Philly.com has a story on the origins of American nationalism. Pathos has a blog post on nationalism, religion, and Mother’s Day. The Guardian has a story about a US far-right White nationalists attending a nationalist conference in Australia. Deutsche Welle has a story on White nationalism and Zionism.

Seattle Times has a story on nationalism and the Venice Biennale, the world’s oldest contemporary art fair. Daily Mail has a similar story.

The Telegraph has a story on recent comments made by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson during a lecture on nationalism.  The Herald Scotland has a similar story. The Irish Times has a story on Pro-Brexit-unionism and British nationalism.

LA Times has a piece on Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera who has been freed from prison after 36 years. Washington Post also has a story on Rivera.

Reuters has a piece on the recent arrest of two nationalists who were plotting to attack refugees in Germany.

Modern Diplomacy has a story on nationalism and religion in Russia.

Ognian Kassabov writes for LeftEast about the new government in Bulgaria and the flirtation of the European People’s Party with the extreme right.

US News and World Report has a story on a resource nationalist candidate for President of Mongolia.

Global Research Centre for Research on Globalization has a story on the history of Ukrainian nationalism.

Daily O has an op-ed about Hindu nationalists on the social media platformWhatsApp. The Express Tribune has a story on Chinese concerns about Hindu nationalism in India.

For +972 Oren Barak writes about how Israel is unable to deal with the catastrophe of 1948.

The Washington Post has a column by Pippa Norris on whether the wave of populist nationalism is finished.

New Delhi Times has a story on the arrest of two Buddhist nationalists in Myanmar.

E-International Relations published a post on dispelling nationalism as immaculate conception.



Cristian Cercel, Emmanuel Dalle Mulle, and Justin Collier