Weekend Reading 03/17/2017

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Dear All,

The Guardian has a piece on Nicola Sturgeon’s, Scotland’s First Minister, decision to seek a new independence referendum. The BBC published a piece on the UK’s government declarations that it will defer this until after the negotiations with the EU are over. The Financial Times explains how we got there and what could happen and Foreign Policy has an article on how we went from Brexit to Indyref2. The Belfast Telegraph has an op-ed discussing Northern Ireland’s nationalist political turn. Yahoo News has a story on Scottish referendum plans. The Jamaica Observer has a similar story on the referendum. The Independent has an op-ed arguing that English nationalism has permanently damaged the union with Scotland.

Huffington Post has an op-ed on nationalism and Christianity.

PRI has a story on an Arab satirist and his view of the rise of nationalism.

US News and World Report has a story on the rise of nationalism around the world.

Reuters has an article on the anti-immigrant groups that competed in the Dutch elections. NPR also has an article on the elections as does the Washington Post. Yahoo News has a piece on what the Dutch election means for nationalism across Europe.

Alexandre Afonso and Linn Rewald write for Jacobin about the contemporary far right’s leftist mask.

USA Today has a story about actress Angelina Jolie’s comments about the rise of nationalism.

ABC News (Australia) has a story on whether nationalism can be ‘redeemed’.

CNN has an op-ed piece on Trump and European nationalism. New York Magazine has an article about a Republican Congressman Steve King’s tweets regarding White nationalism. Newsweek has a piece tracing the history of King’s White nationalist rhetoric.  Huffington Post and The Seattle Times have similar articles. Foreign Policy has a story on White nationalism and the Republican Party. US News and World Report has an op-ed on President Trump and White nationalism. Time has a story about White nationalist posters found on a Washington DC university campus.



For the LSE Review of Books, Myriam Lamrani reviews Randal Sheppard’s book A Persistent Revolution: History, Nationalism and Politics in Mexico since 1968 (2016, University of New Mexico Press), which explores the key socio-political transformations in Mexico since the late 1960s through the lens of Mexican revolutionary nationalism.



Kit Man, Emmanuel Dalle Mulle, Cristian Cercel, and Justin Collier