Weekend Reading 04/13/2018

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Dear All,

Vermont Public Radio has a story about “Trump’s most influential white nationalist troll” on Twitter. The Observer has an article on growing white nationalism in the Republican party. VOX has a piece on the Vietnam war and the creation of the white power movement. VOX has a story on the parallels between Christianity and Trumpism.

Politico has a piece on the consequence for independence movements across Europe of EU support to Spain’s crackdown on the Catalan independence movement.

Reuters has a story on the election victory of nationalist Hungarian PM Viktor Orban.

The Diplomat has an opinion article examining the impact of Pashtun nationalism on Pakistan.

US News and World Report has an article about the nationalist Alternative for Germany party apologizing for falsely blaming a fatal van attack Muslims.

Bloomberg has a story on how the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat Party is seeing a wave of defections of some of its extreme members.

Washington Post has an opinion piece arguing that Hindu nationalists are defending accused rapists and also shaming India.

New York Times has an article on reproductive health and Chinese nationalism.

The Weekly Standard has an article on the University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson’s recent essay which critiques right-wing anti-Semitism.

The Guardian has an op-ed on the “chameleon strongman” on the rise in Europe.

France 24 has a video story on nationalism in the Balkans.



Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Justin Collier