Weekend Reading 03/09/2018

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H-Nationalism’s Weekend Reading series highlights recent and thought-provoking reviews, blog posts, brief articles, and op-eds.  Have something to say about something you read?  Feel free to respond here or contact David Prior (prior@mail.h-net.msu.edu) and Justin Collier (collierjustin@gmail.com) about writing a blogpost. Follow us on Twitter @HNationalism.


Dear All,

Deutsche Welle has a piece on the future challenges for Catalonia’s independence after Carles Puigdemont withdrew from the running to be the region’s next president.

VOA has a story on a popular Buddhist monk's condemnation of nationalism and the intolerant behavior of his fellow monks in Myanmar.  

The New York Times has an op-ed on how liberals can reclaim nationalismPacific Standard has a story examining the biological basis for the human tendencies of nationalism and tribalism. Salon has an article on accusations against a Florida school teacher of being a White nationalist podcaster. Business Insider has a piece on recent comments made by French President Macron lobbying the WTO to move against Trump’s ‘nationalist’ tariffs. Daily Beast has an op-ed discussing Steve Bannon’s belief that the political left will join his nationalist-populist movement. The Economic Times has an opinion piece arguing against Trump’s ‘economic nationalism’. Bloomberg has an article on how the director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn’s departure signals the ascendancy of the nationalists in the Trump administration. Politico has a similar story on the Trump’s tariffs and the rise of nationalist in the White House.

Business Standard News has a story on recent comments made by Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang imploring countries in the region to protect freedom of navigation and fight nationalism.

Balkan Insights has a piece on how nationalism usurped anti-fascism in Balkan sport.

Buzzfeed has an article on Sweden’s far-right nationalist party ‘Alternative for Sweden’ and its impact on the country’s political landscape.

The Slovak Spectator has an op-ed on the rise of nationalism and extremism in the public square in Slovakia

Gulf News has an op-ed which raises alarm over the surge of populism and nationalism in Europe.

Mining MX has a story on resource nationalism on the African continent.

The Guardian has an op-ed asserting that Poland’s right-wing nationalists are attempting to cover up Poland’s role in the Holocaust.

South China Morning Post has a story on Chinese nationalism in fashion.



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