Weekend Reading 06/09/2023

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Sacramento Bee has an op-ed discussing how the merger of two local churches impacts the rise of Christian nationalism in the region. Washington Post (paysite) published an op-ed looking back at the influence of minister Pat Robertson had on Christian nationalism in the US. Yahoo News (audio) has a story about a New Hampshire judge who has dismissed trespassing complaints against two white nationalists. In Politico, there is a story about recent comments made by a GOP presidential candidate jokingly identifying himself as a non-white nationalist. Arizona Mirror has a story covering how a Republican state senator is wearing a Christian nationalist flag on her desk on the floor of the Arizona Senate.

South China Morning Post has an article covering how a Japanese anime pop star skirts nationalism to build a Chinese fan base on a popular reality show.

CNN has a piece on Poland’s opposition bringing hundreds of thousands of protesters out against the nationalist government.

I-News has an opinion piece arguing that the lessons gained from Erdogan’s Turkish election victory is that toxic nationalism is still attractive. 

Yahoo News has an opinion article discussing if the UK’S response to the Covid pandemic was “fuelled by nationalism” or not. The Times (paysite) published an op-ed arguing that Tories should be globalists, not nationalists.

Politico has a story about how Flemish nationalists are angered by a plan for more English in Brussels.

TXF has an article examining what increasing resource nationalism means for global trade.

Jacobin published an article looking at the recent alliance with Hindu nationalists and Israel. The Conversation has a story covering how far-right Hindu nationalists use digital propaganda to delegitimize India’s wrestler protests.




Justin Collier