C4P - Panel on Regionalism and Independentisms in Europe - Italian Political Science Society (SISP) Annual Conference - 14-16 September 2023

Adriano Cirulli Discussion

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Dear Colleagues,


We would like to invite you to submit a proposal for our upcoming panel session on "Regionalisms, Independentisms and European sub-state identities facing contemporary challenges and transformations" at the upcoming annual conference of the Italian Society for Political Science (SISP). The conference will take place from 14-16 September 2023 in Genoa, Italy.

The panel identification number is 9.3, within section 9 on “Regional Studies and Local Policies” (https://www.sisp.it/convegno2023/?pagename=cms&name=sessiontracks&trackname=studi-regionali-e-politiche-locali)


Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, the resulting economic crisis (following the previous crisis of 2008), climate change and environmental issues and lastly the current conflict in Ukraine, have undoubtedly profoundly changed politics and society in Europe. The sense of uncertainty and fear that citizens experience is also reflected at the regional and local level, engendering a stronger sense of "globality". The answers that European and central authorities have provided to these problems have not always gone in the direction desired at the sub-state level. In various (particularly Western) European regions characterized by what scientific literature defines as the centre-periphery cleavage, these processes have reinforced political contestation of the existent so-called nation-states. In addition, the Russian attack on Ukraine has further increased the socio-political relevance of regional and (sub)national ethnic identities. Even after the Scottish and Catalan referenda, searches for self-determination and "national" recognition intermittently retain their political saliency.

This panel aims to clarify the impact of these current transformations on European regionalist and pro-independence movements and organizations, as well as on institutions and civic society organizations in regions with a strong sub-state identity. What is the role of sub-state regional identities in this context? How do sub-state political parties and social movements interpret what is happening? Have they taken steps to reshape their ideological baggage? If, and how, are regional institutions actively involved in facing these contemporary challenges? Finally: have the drives for regional self-determination and sub-state identities in Europe decreased or increased? And what is foreseen for the immediate future?

Those interested can present and discuss papers, also with a multidisciplinary viewpoint, both on particular case studies and in a comparative and/or European perspective, indifferently in Italian, English, French or Spanish.


The abstract of the proposal should be uploaded on the MySisp website after the creation of a personal account. The abstract of the proposal should not exceed 6,000 characters (including spaces). The deadline for the submission of proposals is the 31st of May, while that for the selection of papers will be at the latest by 15th of June. Please find more information on the submission procedure at the following link https://www.sisp.it/en/conference2023/call-for-papers-conference-2023

Authors of accepted proposals should send the text of their paper by September 1st.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us


We look forward to your contributions to this exciting and timely panel session.


Best regards,

Adriano Cirulli (adriano.cirulli@uniud.it)

Carlo Pala (carlopala@uniss.it)