Weekend Reading 05/05/2023

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VOA News has a story about the growing threat of far-right extremism in Australia and how lawmakers are proposing a new law to criminalize the public display of Nazi symbols.

The Conversation posted an article on how members of the far-right wing Proud Boys were recently convicted of seditious conspiracy.  Oregon Public Broadcasting has a story covering how a candidate for a Portland school board is dropping out of the race after news coverage highlighted his connection to church leaders with Christian nationalist views. Yahoo News (video) published a story on an MSNBC commentator calling our former Fox News star Tucker Carlson for white nationalist views that may have contributed to his exit from the network. NBC News has an article about Christian activists pushing their faith in a suburban Texas school district. The Daily Beast had a story about recent comments made by a Fox commentator claiming that being “woke” is comparable to racism. The Guardian published a piece focusing on mainstream Christian leaders criticizing “Pastors for Trump” for distorting religious teachings and endangering democracy.

Al-Monitor has an opinion piece about illiberal nationalism and how Islamist parties are falling out of favor across the Middle East and North Africa.

South China Morning Post published a piece about foreign brands facing increasing nationalism and boycotts.

Brookings Institue has an op-ed covering a South Korean view of nationalism and liberalism in Taiwan. 

Harvard International Review has a piece discussing how Vietnam and China are conflicting neighbors stuck in nationalism and memory.

The Brussels Times has an opinion article looking at the effect nationalism has on democracy in Belgium. 




Justin Collier