Weekend Reading 3/31/2023

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The New Yorker (paysite) published an opinion piece examining how some Christian nationalists have little interest in religion and an aversion to American culture as it currently exists. PRRI has an article on how women are espousing Christian nationalist views just like their male counterparts.  The Heritage Foundation has a commentary piece discussing how to define nationalism. Brookings has an article about how white nationalism concerns voters of color. 

Observer Research Foundation has a piece on how small states wield nationalism to navigate great-power competition.

LSE has a blog post discussing the similarities between Scottish and Basque nationalism.

The Economist has a piece looking at how Chinese nationalists are annoyed about colonial-era place names. In Fortune, a commentary article argues that since Chinese techno-nationalism is on the rise, the world needs a peaceful NATO for science and technology.

Atlantic Council published a blog post covering how a new Russian Empire includes Ukraine and Belarus.




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