Weekend Reading 01/12/2018

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Dear All,

El País has a piece on how the key of the formation of the new Catalan pro-independence government depends on elected deputies currently living in Brussels. On the Times you can read a piece on the independence bid of the fictitious Catalan region of Tabarnia.

Deutsche Welle published an article on rising nationalism in Eastern Europe and what that means for the EU.

Al Jazeera has an article about India's Supreme Court reversing an earlier order that mandated theatres to play the national anthem before film screenings. The New Indian Express has a story on recent comments made by a Nobel laureate professor arguing that ignorance of other cultures promotes fanatical nationalism. The Wire has a piece discussing the lessons that atrocities of nationalism can teach.

Al Jazeera has a story about international reactions to recent comments made by President Trump that have been described by some as racist. ABC News has a story about a Catholic School that fired one of its teachers with ties to White nationalism. Washington Post also has a story on this school’s White nationalist teacher and the students' reactions.  Salon has a story on Trump’s immigration policy and White nationalism.  Star Tribune has a story about White nationalist Richard Spencer's campus tour organizer lawsuit against the University of Cincinnati's president.

Reuters has a story about Turkey’s nationalist opposition decision to back Turkey’s President Erdogan in upcoming elections.

ABC News has a piece about a German nationalist party issuing a warning to one of its lawmakers over a racist tweet.

Balkan Insight has an article about right-wing nationalist in both Macedonia and Greece who have launched campaigns over Macedonia's name.

Council on Foreign Relations has a blog post about Buddhist nationalism and the current humanitarian crisis in western Myanmar’s Rakhine State.



For Reviews in History, Timothy J. Schmalz reviews Erin R. Hochman’s book Imagining a Greater Germany: Republican Nationalism and the Idea of Anschluss (2016, Cornell University Press), which investigates the central role of Anschluss, the idea that Germany should include Austria, in German nationalism in the interwar period.



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