The January issue of the Journal of Democracy is here, featuring an essay on the rise of “Homonationalism” among Europe’s Far Right

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The new issue of the Journal of Democracy (available free on ProjectMuse until February 14) presents a timely snapshot on the fate of freedom around the world. Like much of Europe’s right, portions of the far right now embraces gay rights—but as a tool to oppose Muslims. Gabriele Magni and Andrew Reynolds explore the rise of this “homonationalism” in their new essay:

Why Europe’s Right Embraces Gay Rights

Gabriele Magni and Andrew Reynolds

After long condemning gay rights, much of Europe’s political right now champions them. They have made welcoming gay voters a sign of modernity and openness—and a tool for stirring opposition to Muslim immigrants.

For the full issue, featuring essays on the rise of Europe’s far right by Milan Svolik et al., Erik Jones, and Bo Rothstein, as well as why Putin’s military failed by Zoltan Barany, please visit our ProjectMuse page or our website. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


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