Weekend Reading 09/30/2022

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The Economist (paysite) has a story discussing how India’s government is exporting its brand of Hindu nationalism around the world. Al Jazeera published an op-ed piece discussing how recent violence in the UK should serve as a wake-up call that Hindu nationalism is now a global issue.

Reuters published a piece on how nationalism has dominated Bosnia's presidential and parliamentary election campaigns suggesting that reformists have little chance of winning.

Newsweek has an opinion article arguing that Christian nationalism must be confronted and defeated at the ballot box. NPR has a story about public demand for a tougher legal approach to tackle the white nationalist group Patriot Front.  Talking Points Memo has an article looking at the “key ingredients” of Christian nationalism. Yahoo News has a story about comments made by a popular Christian author that Christian nationalism is out of step with the faith.

NBC News published an article about Giorgia Meloni, success in becoming Italy's first far-right leader since World War II. The Economist also has an article about Miloni’s stunning success. The Guardian has a story covering recent comments made by Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s far-right League, promising that his alliance with Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party will deliver a long-lasting government. 

CBC has an op-ed article asserting that political movements that use nationalism will have more powerful messaging. 




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