Weekend Reading 05/27/2022

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Christian Science Monitor has an article covering how Muslims and Hindus in India’s northern city of Varanasi have coexisted for centuries and how this peace may be threatened by Hindu nationalists petitioning to access Muslim mosques. Telegraph India published an article looking at how BJP governments in several states are attempting to introduce a new syllabus in schools that aligns with the Hindu nationalist party's worldview. The Indian Express (paysite) has an opinion article arguing in favor of the primordial origin of Indian nationalism. 

Time has an opinion article arguing that recent school shootings prove that guns are the ‘religion of the right’. NBC News has an op-ed discussing how a GOP candidate's 'Jesus Guns Babies' election slogan may sound like a Christian nationalist parody but it should be taken seriously. The Conversation has a post about how the once-fringe conspiracy ‘Replacement theory’ has become more mainstream. The Washington Post (paysite) published an article about recent comments made by Fox News’ CEO blaming complaints about white nationalist rhetoric on the channel on jealousy. NPR published an op-ed arguing that white people are key in the fight against white nationalism.  MSN has a story on how despite growing nationalism in the Republican party, Republicans are united with Democrats in backing NATO expansion. TPM published a story looking at how Republican Senator Rick Scott in a recent interview repeatedly seemed to deflect questions on whether Republican leaders should condemn white nationalism.

BBC published a story covering the rise in food nationalism in Asia. 

teleSUR has a piece on Arab League leaders warning against a planned march by Jewish nationalists in East Jerusalem.

Christian Today published an opinion piece discussing Russian nationalism and the battle over 'Western values'. 



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